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“E komo mai” to the Gaia Pacific Center !

About Gaia Pacific CenterThe Gaia Pacific Center (GPC) was established on November 11, 2008 in Honolulu, Hawai’i by a group of Japanese residents. It was inspired by the idea that “Gaia, which exists as a living organism, generated the existence of humankind.”

GPC members have learned this concept through the film series “Gaia Symphony.” We have held screenings of the films to share and spread this concept to the people in Hawai’i. Every time GPC screened a film, we received significantly positive feedback and statements of support on the idea that humans can live as a part of the gigantic living organism — Gaia.

The Director of Gaia Symphony, Jin Tatsumura, said of the film, “If our Mother Earth is truly a living organism, then mankind may be her mind; an existence delegated with the responsibility of acting as its imagination. If so, then it follows that the future of this planet—including the environmental issues we face—will be determined by the imagination of mankind.”

These words motivated GPC members to move forward in our efforts to participate in many activities; this includes cleaning up beaches and mountains, and holding educational tours and seminars in effort to conserve the nature in Hawai’i.

To overcome the environmental struggles the planet faces as a living organism, members of GPC believe that the expansion of our perspectives and initiatives, and the spread of our goodwill to society are essential. It is our mission to extend GPC’s influence not only from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland and nations of Asia and the Pacific, but throughout the world. We’ll do this by participating in activities, implementing new projects, and connecting and collaborating with other individuals and organizations having similar goals.

Everyone is welcome to join us. Let’s create the future of Gaia together !

Organization Members

The board of directors was selected through general bimonthly meetings to discuss the organization’s standing rules. The current board members as of October 1,2013, are as below:



Treasurer: KAYO WATARI


Board of Directors:









Contact Information

Gaia Pacific Center

  • Address: 2222 Kalakaua Avenue, Suite 701 Honolulu, Hawaii 96815
  • President: KEN MUNAKATA
  • Established on Novemeber 1, 2008


    The Gaia Pacific Center (GPC) was established in Honolulu, Hawaii, from the basic idea that “the Earth (Gaia), which exists as a living organism, generated the existence of humankind.” Our organization aims to protect the Earth’s sustainability and natural healing power through our activities, and interactions with other similar organizations. It is our mission to extend GPC’s influence from Hawaii to the world.


  • 1. Study sessions on conservation of nature from the viewpoint that humans can live as a part of gigantic living organism Gaia.
  • 2. Promoting works such as the movie Gaia Symphony (directed by Jin Tatsumura) and writings that express the above concept of Gaia.
  • 3. Activities to empower the sustainability of the Earth.
  • 4. Interact and support organizations with the same purposes as GPC’s.
  • 5. Develop and administer projects based on the said concept of Gaia to continue and promote the activities above.
  • URL: http://www.gaiapacific.org



Our Activities

The Gaia Pacific Center (GPC) is a non-profit organization that was established in Honolulu, Hawaii, to spread the basic idea to the world that “the Earth (Gaia), which exists as a living organism, generated the existence of humankind.” Our activities are mainly centered on the GPC study sessions. At these sessions, we have various guests who are involved with Hawaii’s environment come in to share their valuable knowledge with us. This session is open to anyone from people who are concerned with environmental issues to people who have no idea about the environment. We also have other activities such as tours of Hawaii’s recycling facilities tours and outdoor cleanups. So feel free to come and join us!

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